Kingdom Hearts Mod

All characters links already fixed
This post contain several conversion mod, from Kingdom Hearts games by Square Enix and Disney, all properties and credits belong to them.
Some links dead will be fixed later, if possible.
Most of them my old mods from 2007 - 2009, so i think you will found some bugs.
2013 : Nothing really new, only post updated with new screenshots and rerig Sora Kid.

1. Sora (main character Kingdom Hearts)

link download
this one below, Sora when he was a little kid

link download sorakid rerig

2. Kairi
a.  Kairi  little girl.

link download

b. Kairi wearing school uniform

link download

c. Kairi red clothes

link download 1 or here
link download 2

3. Axel

Axel (organisation XIII member) converted from Kingdom Hearts game to GTA San Andreas by me (Yuniwii).
link download (reup)

4. Roxas
Roxas with pajama.

link download (rerig)
b. Roxas from KH 2

link download (rerig)

1. Keyblade
1. Kingdom Key

link download mediafire
2. Oath Keeper
for replacement golfclub. Picture above (in Roxas hand).
link download mediafire

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