Kamen Rider Kiva in GTA
(rig by Yuniwii)

update : 13 January 2017
fix link add Kiva DoGaBaKi 

GTA SA ped skin

Kamen Rider Kiva (仮面ライダーキバ, Kamen Raidā Kiba, Masked Rider Kiva) is the title of the 2008 Kamen Rider Japanese tokusatsu television series produced by Toei Company and Ishimori Productions. It premiered on January 27, 2008. “Kiva” is an abbreviation for “KING OF VAMPIRE”, which plays in Kiva’s connections to the Fangire King. The Japanese name also comes from a reading for the word “fang” (牙, kiba). 

Kiva DoGaBaKi 
DoGaBaKi Form (ドガバキフォーム Dogabaki Fōmu), shortened from "Dogga/Garulu/Basshaa/Kiva Form" (ドッガ・ガルル・バッシャー・キバフォーム Dogga Garuru Basshā Kiba Fōmu), is Kiva's rarely seen form, accessed by the summoning of all three Arms Monsters. In this form, Kiva's left arm turns into the Garulu Arm (ガルルアーム Garuru Āmu), his right arm turns into the Basshaa Arm (バッシャーアーム Basshā Āmu), and his upper body turns into the Dogga Breast (ドッガブレスト Dogga Buresuto).

v13-01-2017 download convert : yuniwii (normal map supported)

Kiva Form is Kiva’s default form, accessed through a bite from Kivat, whose status determines Kiva’s ability in a battle. He is able to see in the dark with his visor called the Omnilens In this form, Kiva can use any of the Fuestles, with the Wake Up Fuestle to open up the Catena Chains on his right leg known as the Hell’s Gate made of Lucifer Metal so Kiva can use his Rider Kick the Darkness Moon Break.

Emperor Form is the true form of Kiva referred to as the Golden Kiva and the most powerful form at Wataru Kurenai’ (Kiva)s disposal.

Kiva weapons link download

Counter Terrorist Skin

GTA SA Ped skin
Counter Terrorist Skin from Counter Strike Condition Zero
GIGN, SAS, GSG9, Urban

Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale ("National Gendarmerie Intervention Group"), abbreviated

GIGN, is the elite law enforcement and special operations unit of the French National Gendarmerie. Its missions include counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, surveillance of national threats, protection of government officials, and targeting organized crime.

Counter Terrorist Skin

v 13-01-2017 download [normal map supported]

GIGN from Counter Strike Condition Zero

Zhen Ji in San Andreas

rig by Yuniwii

Update 13-01 2017 fix dead link
(Zhen Ji nurse)
Update 03-05 April 2014

a. Zhen Ji Nurse from Dynasty Warriors 8
normal map added

v 05-04-2014 convert : Yuniwii
- fixing some rig in her neck .... the link still same.
began 03/04/2014

Edit Sept 17, 2012 : Add Zhen Ji mod from Dynasty Warriors 7

b. Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors 6.

v1.1 Download

original link

c. Zhen Ji Dynasty Warriors 7
"hand fixed still not perfect though"

Mitsurugi Mod in GTA

Update : 27-01-2017
GTA San Andreas link fixed
Update : 29-08-2014
GTA San Andreas link updated
This mod will be continued to GTA IV ....
Note :
The models mirrored. I just realize this after reading some comments in and playing Mitsurugi myself.
But, i think it just minor mistakes. So, for GTA SA, i just let it as it is. Only fix the link.
The correct one and some variations will goes to GTA IV, if possible (i am working on it ). 


GTA San Andreas Mitsurugi

 I got some models from XNALara mod (Rexil's). The game itself (Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae) developed by Zenith Blue.


v 29082014 convert : yuniwii 
mirror link



v14092013 convert : yuniwii(link fixed)


Lulu Final Fantasy

GTA SA Ped Skin
reupload (fix dead link) 
Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Prince of Persia

Female Character

This post reserved to put GTA San Andreas ped skins from Prince of Persia games, female characters.

Mods arranged by recent uploads


v22072013 convert : yuniwii



v22072013 convert : yuniwii


GTA San Andreas Ped Skin

update  : 02-01-2017

Riptide from Deadpool game. Fixed version to support "normal map mod (DK)" .

normal map version download




download new version 02-01-2017


old version


without normal map download (old) link dead

use normal map version instead, extract with WinRar or 7z application

Kamen Rider Kuuga 
(rig by Yuniwii)

Update : 02-01-2017 refix dead link (Kuuga Growing)
GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City ped mod
Kamen Rider Kuuga (仮面ライダークウガ, Kamen Raidā Kūga, Masked Rider Kuuga) GTA San Andreas Mod

GTA San Andreas Kamen Rider Kuuga

0. Kamen Rider Kuuga Growing Form
from Kamen Rider Storm Heroes/ Transcend Heroes


convert : Yuniwii
download v 02-01-2017
I rerig this model again and add normal map support.

1. Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form

Mighty Form is Kuuga’s default form and has red armor.

link download 

 2. Kamen Rider Kuuga Dragon Form
Dragon Form is an azure quick form that allows Kuuga to be more agile and quicker, although his physical strength drops from the level offered by Mighty Form. 

3. Kamen Rider Kuuga Pegasus Form

4. Kamen Rider Kuuga Amazing Mighty Form

5. Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate


GTA Vice City Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Kuuga Growing Form

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid


GTA San Andreas Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

update : 17-12-2016 add Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level1
update : 10-11-2016 add Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level3
link still same
update : 21-10-2016 add Kamen Rider Genm level 2

update : 07-10-2016 add kamen Rider Ex-Aid from kamen Rider Transcend Heroes. This is the correct proportion , i think

Description :

TITLE     : Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

TYPE MOD  : Character (conversion) 
Copyright owner : BandaiNamco, ent

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level 1

Gashacon Breaker included

download link v 17-12-2016
(this mod have some bugs, because it's not regular ped model)

Kamen Rider Ex Aid Level 2 -> + Kamen Rider Genm

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Robot Action Gamer Level 3 

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2
ss 3 Ex-Aid from KR Transcend Heroes 

"i put Android dff version in this new pack, but not tested"

old mod

Two models in this pack with different (minor) mesh edit

two different look (from front and behind)

Kamen Rider Genmu

ss2 Ex-Aid & Genm


This mod shared for the good GTA mod fans communities only.
I am not responsible for the misuse of this mod for anything unlawful and immoral acts.
The mod shared as it is.
Editing not supported, do it yourself.
Bugs fixing not supported.
Reuploading again NOT ALLOWED .... :D 
Packed again NOT ALLOWED

Try to find  tutorial from several websites or Youtube about how to install character / skin for GTA San Andreas

download link GTA SA Kamen Rider Ex-Aid + Genmu  convert -edited: Yuniwii (v 10-11-2016)

or here