Kiba in GTA 
rig by yuniwii 

Kiba Inuzuka (犬塚キバ, Inuzuka Kiba) is one of the main supporting characters of the Naruto series. He is a chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan.
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Kiba Kid
(add Oct 8, 2011 not Oct 10, 2011 like in pack)

v1.0 Download

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  1. Wow! Awesome kid Kiba model! <3
    The best forever, Yuniwii.
    I want to propose something for you: What do you say if I become your affiliate and I'll send some mod?

    Ah, another request.
    You may convert a skin (like that of Len), please?
    The link is this. Take all the time you want. :)

  2. i don't know what you mean about affiliate ... at the moment mostly i only use my mods in my sites since it's just hobby for me to rig/convert something that i like or curious.

  3. If i want just to collect mods maybe i'll put in other site, but not all modders like their mods be collected/reupload. That's why i only put my mods in this site, eventhough in my GTA i put several mods from others too.
    About your request, there some bikes in the pack. But, actually, i am bad in making vehicles ..:D

  4. Ehm, rig only the skin bro. :) Thanks again!!!

  5. If ok to convert i will convert them, if not maybe you can ask other modder. I mean if the model created from scratch,not from game, and the creator do not want their model to be converted, i can't do anything with this. Mostly i will convert the models, if i believe it's from games or from modder who allow them.

  6. I've ask the MMD modeller if you can convert this model. You can, Yunii. :)

  7. I mean, i will convert the model if there are no restriction in read me or in modder site. Len is ok and i quickly did it, since it's just ripped from a game then converted to MMD, and i convert it again to GTA.
    Conversion from a game have a less complain/risk than conversion from 3D models or modeller's work, since the developer / publisher of the game mostly not really care about it, and it's common in modding. That's why i prefer this and suggest you to try asking other modder, since it's not like i convert Len.

  8. OK, you're right. Ehm, you speak with Yohsuke Nakano right? I hope you believe in me, not in him. He doesn't wants which other guys had skins from Vocaloid or BRS.

  9. I try to fair.
    I will convert Vocaloid or BRS or other model from game / game mod as long as ok to convert, or abandon it, if i think can causing problems with the creator (owner) / developer. It's not because Yohsuke or you ...

  10. :D, as long as i know the creator, it's no problem. It's for credits for him/her later as description. But at the moment, i can't download "file temporary unavailable" maybe later.

  11. The best ever! The best because you're near to your fan . Thank you very much!!!
    PS : Now the file is available. :)