Asuka Kazama

Character from Tekken 6

This post contain mods for Asuka Kazama, 風間 飛鳥 (Kazama Asuka) Tekken 6 conversion to GTA IV, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City .

Tekken 6 Developer
Rexil (Ported this model to XNA Lara)

GTA IV Asuka Kazama (Ped)

rig by Yuniwii :
pass :

GTA San Andreas Asuka Kazama 

rig by Yuniwii :
pass :

This mod have bugs in GTA San Andreas. I provide two txds in this pack.


GTA Vice City Asuka Kazama

Work for ped, player replacement and cut scenes.

rig by Yuniwii
pass :

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