GTA San Andreas Phantasy Star 

Phantasy Star Online Model

This is low poly model, fit in GTA San Andreas but probably have some bugs.
About Phantasy Star series :

"Phantasy Star (ファンタシースター Fantashī Sutā) is a series of console role-playing video games and other supplementary media created by Sega. The series debuted in 1987 on the Sega Master System with Phantasy Star, and continues into the present with Phantasy Star Online 2 and other extensions of the Phantasy Star Online sub-series. Each of the games in the series features a science fantasy setting featuring a cross-genre combination of magic and technology."
Model 1

Rig : yuniwii
thanks : Rai


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  1. Thank you very much Yuniwii!

  2. @Rai you're welcome, i thank to you too

  3. You're great!! >.<
    you've a lot of great models and works! I love you!!! XD

    Btw, here's some great models..

    I'll greatly appreciate it if you do some of it, but i understand if you don't have a time to do it.. ^~^ but please give a thought about it, just do it when you want to do it...