GTA San Andreas Black Rock Shooter

""Since one of my site gone,  and one suspended (finally) ... i do not have other choice except return to blogspot to put some of my mods. Gombolori.Net probably still able to live again, not possible. 
But fixing the blog is my best choice at the moment"

Black Rock Shooter : The Game (PSP) now readable and possible to port to other format, so i decide to convert some of them to GTA San Andreas.

Stella (convert by Yuniwii)

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  1. I really like this game but I want to make a request that please also upload some cheats for GTA san andreas download.
    I really hope that you will upload it soon.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Gimana kalo black rock shooternya ditambah... XD kan banyak bgt tuh modelnya yang keren-keren...
    ngiler banget liat black trike nya.. bisa di convert ga kak...? 0,0 yah fenrir yg lama udah cukup bagus sih buat bike favouriteku...

  3. "ngiler banget liat black trike nya"

    Black trike? did you mean this black trike?

    if it is, then i give 1 vote for you.. xD

  4. Re upload please..i want this skin soooo bad :(

    1. can you convert BRS black trike please..? i want this mod soo badly X(

    2. me too :D ... but i don't have that bike model.

    3. sir Yuniwii do u have a BRS booster unit version??