Tokyo Ghoul

GTA SA Tokyo Ghoul Mod

update : 2 February 2018
Menambahkan Kaneki Torture Reinvoke

update : 7 September 2017
Menambahkan Kaneki jacket hijau
update : 24 April 2017
Menambahkan Kaneki jacket kuning
update : 21 November 2016
Menambahkan Touka Kirishima school uniform 

Beberapa mod Tokyo Ghoul yang ku port ke GTA San Andreas.
Mod disusun berdasar tanggal upload.
Copyright owner : BandaiNamco

1. Kaneki Ken
Awakened Kaneki / Kaneki Torture
v Tokyo Ghoul Reinvoke

download : convert Yuniwii

Awakened Kaneki

low poly :
Mod ini dibuat untuk PC version dan support android version (tak ku test).
(untuk android gunakan texture yang ada di archive dan ubah nama dffnya ke nama ped semisal fam1)

Kaneki Green outfit
dari Tokyo Ghoul Re invoke
screenshot 1

screenshot 2

download convert : Yuniwii (celshading only)

Kaneki Yellow outfit
dari Tokyo Ghoul Re invoke


2. Touka Kirishima
school uniform



my old rant

NOTE 06092017: I got problems on one of my HDD, so i turn off the mod project post and don't have any plans / promise about any request mod. Still possible to modding if my PC still ok.

-Libur dari Request mod baru karena tak memungkinkan saat ini. Modding random dan request mod lama"

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  1. Good skin
    Well,you don't convert LAPD Swat counter strike model?

  2. This is ss

    This is model link

    1. done in here

  3. Min bisa request senjata gak untuk di convert?
    ini ssnya:
    dan link senjatanya:

  4. Hello yuniwii , what tool did you use to convert the models from carnaval? I tried with unity but no luck.I would really like to know. thanks in advance.

    1. I use Unity Studio.
      No idea it still work or not at the moment

    2. Hey thanks for the response! To give you some more details the game version I tried to extract is ''carnaval∫color_1.2.5'' I wonder what version you use.And could you tell me where the models are located? (show screenshot if it is possible to you :) because when I open it with unity it will only show wierd numbers and letters folders with wierd low byte files in it. but no models in these folders. (Im familiar with unity ive extracted many models, but this one seems impossible)

  5. I think i use 1.1.0 version, ... (around October 2016).
    You need to play the game first to download models /files from the server.
    The 3d models located in one of big file (more than 50 MB).
    I can't give any screenshots since i do not play the game anymore. But they are usually in Android cache folder.

    1. I see. I really apprechiate the explaination ^^ I think I know enough. Thanks again!.

    2. I found the cache folder but the files are in .tmp? Do you know by any chance how to open it?

    3. Hello again! from which game did you got the new kaneki model from? Ive searched for Tokyo ghoul Reincarnate but it seems that it doesnt exist.There is one called re invoke though

    4. Ive sended you an email btw ^^

    5. Thanks for the info. You are right. The game name is re invoke not reincarnate.

  6. min ada gk model ex-aid series yang terbaru?
    biar lengkap skinnya

  7. gan makasih banyak ya skin nya gan
    keren abis gan
    gan kalo boleh request tolong mod kan skin Balamb Mercenary nya gan
    ini model nya gan
    makasih banyak ya gan

  8. Tokyo Ghoul + GTA = :D I'll go to install it :D