GTA San Andreas

Animal Cartoon Small Ped

mods available :

Rocket Racoon, Robbie The Rabbit, Spike, Ai Ai

"I will take a break from several days since next 18 May 2014 ... I still fixing several dead links and do post, as far as i can, till that day. 
And will be continued again ... later after active again creating mod (if still alive).
The comment not moderated ... but i won't respond anything for a while. If you ask question about modding, or looking a mod ===> google is your friend"
This post will be used to put small cartoon animal to GTA San Andreas.

Rocket Racoon 

"the model has bugs in alpha textures (mustache) feel free if you want to fix it. I just disable alpha in some textures

Robbie The Rabbit


Spike from My Little Pony



Ai Ai

from Sonic and SEGA All Star Racing 


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  1. Gan,link kr garren,kr sasword,kr riot trooper ƞ ane req kuuga growing (pnya nadzmi Uƌαh hlang),rising ultimate,thnks.he

    1. Yang link garren,sasword ama riot trooper d fix y,he

  2. Gan,oy link kr double w extreme form juga y,thnks,he

  3. ma kasih atas laporannya, gan.
    Utk sementara ane fokus mbetulin link, sebelum mengkonvert ulang Kamen Riders dan sebagian besar mod lain.
    coba kalau tidak ada di sini, check di (page atau post) atau

  4. gan kalo udah selesai betulin link ,convertin ini ye,thnks.hehehe

  5. Thnks gan linknya Uƌαh d fix,oy ane ♏åϋ req agito storm,ƞ strom form yang laennya ama kabuto form slaen d blog gan,tgu gan smpt,thnks,he


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