Hide in GTA San Andreas
rig by Yuniwii

Updated : 18 September 2015
add Hide General
Updated : 12 September 2015
adding Hide soccer
- original and Brazil outfit mod

1 February 2014
adding Hide Kopassus

This is Hide from Point Blank, converted by me. Like other PB characters; Don't reupload this mod again, link to this post instead.
So, if any problems happen i will able to remove this mod easily.

Hide General

convert : yuniwii download (quick rig) 

Hide Soccer
- original version
- Brazil textures mod (from Point Blank mod by Pinta1)

Hide and Hide Kopassus (without Berret)

"I tried to get the berret, but failed. So i upload it without her berret"
The link still same
- in this pack Hide (adding normal map)
- Hide Kopassus (no normal map, i just lazy to add it)
Link still same
Hide, Hide Kopassus and Hide Soccer download

v September 12, 2015
there are no password in this new version.
old password : gombolori.net

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