Songoku Sennin Mode

GTA San Andreas Ped Skin

GTA SA Goku Sage Mod

from game : Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z
Naruto manga already end last week (chapter 699-700).  [It end well for me, more than i expected :D so i don't have any 'major complaint' about this series].
But as 'name / product name', I don't think Naruto already end yet. Anime adaptation, movies, games and other thinks related to Naruto still continued till this day.
Cross over in different manga/anime or even games still possible can be found...Including this one.
This is Songoku from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of  Z  game; Sage \ Hermit \ Sennin outfit DLC (inspired from Naruto outfit)

note : the textures still need to fix, maybe i will use Naruto Sage mode's robe instead

link download convert : Yuniwii
note : only for GTA SA at the moment
This is original white textures from the game (included in this pack) as Goku varian

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