GTA IV Misa Mitsurugi

Unexpectedly i ended up in busy mode again ....
so i sharing some mods which almost finished as it is ... The fix (if necessary) will be later. I think it will be the same for GTA SA (peds) mods, eventhough i do not have opportunity to mod that game recently.

Misa (Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae)

This mod, Misa Mitsurugi for GTA IV,  actually done for a while ago. I only adding Momiji's hair as hair varian. The game actually have some clothes varians like sailor outfits. But i only able to convert default Misa (and Suzuka body parts) for this mod. I hope the other clothes variants will possible in the future.

GTA SA version in here

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  1. Hello! where can i get this mod?

    1. Most my links from and dropbox dead, i will fix them if i found my back up.

    2. Thank you! Sorry late to reply...