Lightning FFXIII 

Updated :
Added Lightning Cloud Strife outfit

Lightning Cloud Strife from FF 13 Lightning Return
 normal map included

or here


Lightning FF 13

Finally i release Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, after reduce some bugs. Even though  alpha textures (hair) still have problems but it's better than when first time i rigged this model.

v1.0 download link (September 15, 2011)

Lightning Aya Brea with Zantetsuken Sword

v1.0 August 21, 2011
password :

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  1. Nice work with all this.Just wondering if u have time can you make black adam from dc universe (injustice). i cant find it anywhere :S

    keep doing this!! its excelent

  2. you can convert this model of Star Wars? Republic Commando is a clone, tried to convert but it has a bug that I can not solve. Please try to convert.
    There are also the protagonists of the game, if you want:
    Of course, if you can not, I know I asked a lot! : D Sorry

  3. Request has been listed :D
    possible sometime ...

  4. bang yuniwii request sephiroth crisis core sama warrior of light ff1 dong :)