Goofy in GTA San Andreas
rig by Yuniwii

This is my first mod in this month (August and Ramadhan too).
The model is Goofy (Disney's character). Converted from KH2 to GTA San Andreas by me Yuniwii.

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  1. Awesome mod yuniwii, hey, what about the akatsuki lair's mod?
    do you stopped working on it?

  2. I lost the file, but maybe will make that mod again

  3. hey Yuniwii thanks for the skins ^^
    i just have some problems... with sais sword, warfan kipas from temari and beesword all this mods got so dark on my gta ;/
    do do i fix? or may you fix and realese pls?
    i saw that you always do a normal and a cel , you´r hidans scyther normal got the true color at my GTA SA.. may you make the otehrs normals to?
    or if it exists send me a link? ^^

  4. Try to setting your GTA (Visual FX Quality) with high or very high graphic setting. Not low or medium.
    The normal weapon (without cel shading) is possible but i think it can be solved with graphic setting

  5. its already in very high.. i dont have any problems with the normal weapons like the hidan's sycther.. the only problem is with cel shading weapons like sais sword, warfan kipas from temari and beesword it got dark probably onlye cel shading version... because the normal versions didnt get dark....
    so you odnt have this weapons in normal version? only cel shading? ;/
    may you make then?

  6. I hope i will able to make them later.

  7. oh thanks man <3~

    try make one piece characters to gta, it will be nice *--*

  8. Haha is very fynny, I like!

  9. buatin miles tails prower, eggman, jet the hawk, amy rose dan shadow dong dari sonic riders?
    sama bikin artikel cara buat skin gta sa sendiri dari game sonic

  10. Link doesn't work because megaupload is no more.