Faridah Malik

Faridah Malik ped skin for GTA (San Andreas)

Character from Deus Ex Human Revolution

Date of birth : 2002 (Dearborn, Michigan, USA)
Nationality : US American
Gender : Female
Appearances : Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Affiliation : Sarif Industries
Acquaintances : Adam Jensen, David Sarif
"Faridah is the current chief pilot for Sarif Industries, able to fly anything from a helicopter to a VTOL, though she's only seen piloting the VTOL in-game. She is in charge of transport and delivery of Sarif Industries VIPs for any trips that require air transport. She is noted as a dedicated employee and pilot with sometimes overzealous flight tendencies that have proven her to be among the best in the skies. She has a few discreet cranial implants that enable her to be a better pilot."

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  1. bang yuniwii bisa request sephiroth crisis core dan warrior of light ff1 gk?

    1. ane pernah buat sephiroth, gan
      cuma linknya ilang (waktu salah satu situs ane berakhir). Ntar kalau ketemu ku upload ulang/buat lagi .

    2. ini gan