Kamen Rider Gaim

Kamen Rider Gaim in GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA III

update : 4 July 2015 adding Kamen Rider Gaim in GTA III and Vice City too, beside Gaim in GTA San Andreas. 
For GTA IV here (Kiwami Arms only). For GTA V still not possible

Kamen Rider Gaim GTA III

Gaim Orange Arms GTA IIII

This is not my first GTA III mod but this is first time i releasing mod for GTA III. 


Kamen Rider Gaim GTA Vice City

Gaim Orange Arms Vice City


Kamen Rider Gaim GTA San Andreas

update : Kiwami Arms, Bike Sakura Hurricane

Kamen Rider Gaim (仮面ライダー鎧武(ガイム)
Model from Kamen Rider Battride War 2
convert : Yuniwii 

I touch this mods (for GTA  SA again) for some reasons :
- Better tools available (normal map by _DK, which truly possible to add normal map data to mesh. Not just textures like Ryosuke did. But i use both two normal maps plugin in two different GTA SA installation . Using two normal map plugins in some game, off course will crash the game). _DK plugin seem only work on peds, player and static mesh, not vehicles.
-Adding bikes possible for GTA SA with ASI plugin. Silly me ... :D I just know recently. The problems maybe still the IDE. But, i already prepared using GTA SA map mods which still have plenty IDE, like GTA SA Liberty City, Myriad Islands. So, i port them to GTA SA too.
-I have plan to renew most of my mods until i got bored, beside create new mods with support some new features for GTA SA, so no request mods at the moment

Here My first Mods with support normal map mesh
(Other Gaims, Other Riders, or other peds, later)


1. Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms
convert : yuniwii



convert : Yuniwii 
note : This is just poor conversion

Sakura Hurricane


Download v 19-07-2014 (Kiwami Arms+Sakura Hurricane ) or here

Gaim Orange (Arms)
Updated 13/07/2014
add normal map, various Gaim orange Arms, fix the size



Note :

normal map  included

updated 13/07/2014
add normal map, various Gaim orange Arms, fix the size  (using WMYST bone)

link still same

  download v 13072014
somewhen probably i will port them to RAGE engine (GTA IV/V)

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  1. Replies
    1. itu masih error, gan kalo pake normal map
      entar ku update kalau bisa dibetulkan

    2. Gan,gaimny koqq agak rendh dri ped normal laenny?
      Ƞ gaimnya itu bkan yang default y?coz d beltny ad 2 lockseed,klao d movie (default) cm 1 lockseedny,†ªþi nice ƞ thnks,he

  2. Gaimnya default, tapi modelnya numpuk jadi salah misahin-nya :D
    Ntar (brgkali) kuhapus

    (btw, ane jawab pakai akun clone)

  3. Hi, I hope you don't mind, but instead of GTA, I use the models for avatars in virtual worlds, adding functionality etc. Is it possible you could upload the textures separately? or fix the TXD? Plus please can you upload other things such as the weapons and fruits before they become armour? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    1. hi,
      You can rip the model and textures using 3dripper dx or Ninjaripper (support T-pose, i think).
      You need to install this mod to GTA SA though ...

      Some compression like DXT5 (using DK tool) or non GTA Standar TXD or locked TXD will have problem with current TXD tools for GTA

      About the fruit; i don't have idea how to find them ...

    2. I have programs that can export the textures, its called TXD workshop. I will try those others however, thanks. Why do I need to install to GTA? Was that a bad translation saying I should? I can export the model and textures fine usually, the file seems broken when I open it in TXD workshop, only giving me one texture inside. Please could I be sent all of their textures?

      About the fruit, in the battride wars 2 game I see fruit drops onto the characters before flashing and the armour being there. Is it possible those models can be extracted? Or could I be sent the game directory, I have no problem looking for it myself. Thanks :)

    3. I have tried those programs, none suit my needs, I have the models, all I need is the textures from the txd files, it is possible you could export them and send them to me? TXD workshop doesn't like the higher quality textures it seems. Plus what other riders will get uploaded? Baron would be awesome. Thanks :) PS Is Japan and Toei ok with us using the models? Is there no copyright issue?

    4. Off course, porting mod from different games like this will have copyright issues ,

      But i think ... the risk not really high in my country :D so i port them.
      I just wanna see Kamen Rider (and other characters) on my PC, since i don't have PS3.
      And i am glad too if other modders doing similar thing.[ Porting mod to PC game ...]
      Btw, you can find other Gaim port by Philip and Hidari Kun in Vietnam forum
      link dl
      Gaim : http://www.fshare.vn/file/LEHOWG3W1W/
      Baron : http://www.fshare.vn/file/UBFVOHJ9DK/
      password : By_W/Philip-Kun & W/Hidari-Kun

    5. Thank you very much!! I love having Kamen Riders in pc games too, keep up the amazing work!! Thanks for baron!!

  4. yah, not included normal map ._.

  5. Gan,koqq gaimny rendah?
    Ёмǻήƍ dri sonony rndh y?
    Coz tgina ga sama ped kr gan yang laen,thnks

    1. endak ,gan. Dari sononya gedhe. Cuma itu kekecilan waktu nge-resizenya,
      coba pakai yg buatan philip - Hidari di -comment reply -ku pada Andrew Lewis

    2. ane sedang ngefix normal map juga, (kalau memungkinkan ku update)
      byk error modnya :D

    3. Sorry Im having a bad time translating this. I only speak english :) Im afraid the models you pointed me at are corrupted, I cannot edit them, I want to delete the model leaving the fruit and armour, however blender crashes when I try to delete parts of the model, please help. Thanks

    4. I replied to park lee; in order to use the model that I show to you (from Vietnam forum /vn-zoom). Because "my Gaim" models too small, and has some bugs. And at this moment, I'm in the process of repairing my mod".

      I'm using 3ds max, and not really understand about Blender.
      But i think there are no problem with the models from Vn-zoom forum.
      Maybe you can try other application like 3ds max

  6. Could anyone possibly point me towards a link for Doubles (W) bike? The hard boiler, I have seen it in some images, and would love to have it. Thanks

    1. for GTA 4, check http://100nadzmi.blogspot.com/2012/12/kamen-rider-w-machine-hardboilder-gta-iv.html
      For GTA SA, i think now it become private mod or maybe never released.

    2. Thanks, I will see if I can convert the model for use with my game, it needs to be in DAE format. Thanks again.

  7. Replies
    1. For GTA IV, yes. But still unfinished.
      For GTA SA, ... I have not had time to make it up to now.

    2. Hello Yuniwii could convert the model of King Dark Match kamen rider battride war 2 in normal size of a pedestrian?

    3. if the file exist in Battride War 2, i'll try to port them.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Hello Yuniwii Reply Thanks for this well and the character that spoke


  8. kak yun, ane baru belajar modding, dan model pertama yang ane coba ane ambil dari dissidia (ex:Yuna).
    setelah modelnya dirip dan udah T-Posed, model Yuna nyatu sama weaponnya, cara misahin Yuna sama weaponnya gmna ya?

    pas convert pake Noesis ke obj ane bisa tuh delete weaponnya, tapi ane ada masalah sama ngasih texture, jadi ane beralih ke format smd/psk.
    di dua format ini ane gabisa delete weaponnya gara2 nyatu sama bagian badan Yuna yg lain. kalo moddingan kk yg Yuna,Tidus,Cloud, etc kan udah dipisah2 tuh sama weaponnya. itu caranya gmna ya?
    ane berharap bisa dibantu :D

    1. *tambahan ane ngedit modelnya pake Gmax

    2. Ane biasanya export dari Noesis ke format fbx, gan.
      Tapi obj dan format lainnya kyknya juga ndak masalah.
      Kalau mau dipisahin permaterial /textures, bisa gunakan Milk Shape, import file obj dari Noesis atau format lain yg didukung ke Milkshape, lalu export lagi ke format 3ds versi milkshape .

      Format dari Milkshape secara otomatis sudah terpisah obyek 3d nya permaterial.

      Lalu import lagi ke 3ds max atau Gmax. Baru export lagi ke format game mod yg agan inginkan

    3. waktu pake format smd/psk ane udah pake Milkshape buat export ke 3ds, tapi weaponnya tetep nyatu sama badannya.

      tapi sekarang udah bisa, ane pake format fbx dan tidak ada masalah, makasih kakgan yun :D

  9. Is it possible we could get a link to the game directory? So we can export models ourselves? I would love to have the Inves model :)

  10. bang yuniwii boleh request motor Kamen rider Baron

  11. Bang bagaiman caranya ganti skin nya di xbox gta4/5

  12. Bang bagaiman caranya ganti skin nya di xbox gta4/5

  13. Bang tool nya pake img tool tah gta vice city gaim


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