GTA IV Kamen Rider Gaim

I choose RAGE engine (GTA IV-EFLC and i hope GTA V, if possible) as my main priority to put Kamen Rider mods to PC game.
Others maybe later if needed.
For me, it more suitable since GTA 4 support add-on vehicles. It useful for porting Kamen Rider bikes (there a lot) which difficult/ or not possible in GTA SA, because IDE limit.
And after 5 years not modding vehicles, i did it again, because this reason and curious how OFIO oft/wft exporter work.
It's ok, eventhough maybe not good as Zmodeler.
My first bike mod for GTA IV, Sakura Hurricane, still WIP.

But Gaim Kiwami arms finally done, eventhough it's still in test version.

GTA 4 Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms


from KR Battride War 2
convert : Yuniwii

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