GTA IV Momiji Dead or Alive

GTA 4 Momiji Warriors Orochi

I convert some ped skins for GTA IV recently, but all still WIP (work in progress). I think, they are need more variations (beside fixing), since GTA 4 ( sometime spawning the same pedestrian in same area. 
For example ; It's not funny seeing ± 20 Sakura(s) with the same clothes .. so i add some new models (clothes, hair as variations ... like this pictures below). 
But, off course it won't be problem if the ped will be used as special ped (ingame (IG) character) which won't appear in street.
This Momiji shared with for this purposes :D

Recommended for IG_sarah replacement.
features : have  = facial rig, hands rig and breast rig ... xD

It's still TEST version, since it have some bugs (in lips---- , probably caused by Max exporter) and some part missing. 
Beside i using multiple textures. Eventhough it worked in game, but the model can't have more textures variation (like GTA SA). 

convert : Yuniwii


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  1. Replies
    1. Itu ENB-nya agan Spycounter, gan
      cuma kuedit (pakai sweetfx)

    2. Yuniwii can you convert this skin to GTA 4 ?
      2B SKIN

  2. unfortunately,i can't
    The PC I used for modding (GTAIV/Skyrim), was broken a few months ago.
    now I just have a weak PC and usually just modding GTA SA


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