Obi Wan-Kenobi 

GTA San Andreas Obi Wan-Kenobi skin
updated 01-06-2016
This is new mod (created / converted at January 13, 2011 by Yuniwii)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (also known as Ben Kenobi) is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. He is one of several primary characters in the Star Wars series. He was personally responsible for the deaths of Darth Maul and General Grievous, and contributed to the deaths of Darth Tyranus, Darth Vader, and Darth Sidious by training Anakin and Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force. Kenobi had a long and tumultuous career that helped shape the fate of an entire galaxy.

1. Obiwan Kenobi (from Clone Wars)

new (bug fixed)


v 01-06-2016 (i put Obi Wan regular and dirty textures, new rig since i lost the file)

2. Obi Wan Kenobi (conversion from Star Wars Jedi Academy mod)
This character mod converted by me (Yuniwii) from Star Wars Jedi Academy mod by Hapslash. There is still others character  (with robe), but i have problems to rig that model. So i release this first.

link download 1
link download 2


3. Obi Wan Kenobi (robe)
credits : Hapslash and Kevin Coyle. I mix their models to create Obiwan Kenobi old with robe

v1.0 Oct 10, 2011

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