Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Resident Evil

This page for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Resident Evil mods. Most characters rig by me, Yuniwii. If i added other modders work i will put link and credits to them.

Jack Krauser

Jack Krauser red Berret


Jack Krauser (Transformed)


Jack Krauser (transformed), converted from Resident Evil Biohazard 4 to GTA San Andreas by me (Yuniwii) link download mediafire 

Jill Valentine

a. Model from Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicle

Leon Kennedy

a. Leon Kennedy for replacement ped and cutscene

i create this mod last year, this model converted from GTA VC mod, but i forget the original creator.
link download mediafire or here

b. Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil Biohazard 4

link download mediafire or here  

Chris Redfield

a. Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5

"Chris Redfield is a fictional character in the Resident Evil video game series. He is one of the two main protagonists in the first Resident Evil game. Redfield returned again as a main character in Resident Evil 5."

Finally, i decide to remove the alpha textures to fix some bugs.

v1.1 material fixed, link download or here.
[for v1.1, I still use bmybe (dff and txd) in zip archive, rename yourself if you want to replacement for different ped.]  

Ada Wong
a. Ada Wong with red dress
Ada Wong with red dress

This is character from Resident Evil 4 : Bio Hazard, ripped with Resident Evil Data Extractor and PMD Viewer.
link download moddb
New Version link download flat chested fixed

b. Ada Wong Assignment mod

This mod created by Mario_Kart64n, i need to add necklace to fix some bugs.
link download mediafire  

c. Ada Wong from resident Evil Umbrella Chronicle Mods

go here this post will continuation for other Ada Wong in GTA

Luis Sera

Luis Sera converted from Resident Evil 4 Biohazard by me. It is difficult model to convert, but finally done. When i try smooth it at the first time, some part gone while exported to dff. So, like other Resident Evil character you can find here, i must fix the model before rig it, and export to GTA format.

link download mediafire 

Luis Sera by indra P this is the best (recommended)

link download

to be continued ....

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  1. sep KK
    klau mod RE gw suka walaupun sudah lama postingannya
    semoga smakin maju blognya, Amin.

  2. sep KK.
    gw emang suka Mod GTA yang temanya RE walaupun postingannya udah lama.
    smoga blogsnya smakin maju, Amin.
    BTW, ijin sedot Mod-nya ya...

  3. Terima kasih ya, atas doanya.
    Sebenarnya mau nambah RE mod lagi untuk GTA, tapi belum sempat

  4. mas aq request Leon yng pke baju lengan pendek,tp bukan bwt "biohazard alert" (untuk main biasa)

  5. gan, si leon masih ada bugs nya g'?

  6. kayaknya masih ada sedikit ....

  7. dude do you know where to download them in 3ds max or milkshape formats? plz man plz am really really looking for this models but i want them in 3ds max formate but if you could plz tell me where do to download them in 3ds max format that will be great thanks or in milkshape thanks alot

  8. maybe you can check some Resident Evil forums, ...

  9. Eh Gan Kalau Sholat Bareng bareng sama Peds Gimana

    Sholat Sama Peds Kalau ada Minta Link

  10. gan ada gk modnya jack krauser tapi yg masih pake baju dan pake beret merah ? soalnya ane nyari di google mesti ketemunya filenya sudah mati

    1. entar ane cari atau ngerig sendiri gan, kyknya kalau xnalara ada model kyk gitu tinggal dikonvert ke gta

  11. Hi, im the creator of GTA: Bikini Bottom mod. I'm working on a seccond version and want to ask you, if i can use the converted Spongebob and Friends models from this site. Thanks.

    1. Yes, Off course,
      i am waiting your second version of Bikini Bottom too.

  12. cam nar nk install skin mods...
    pening kepala aku nk install skin mods

    1. biar tak pening search di Youtube
      " how to install skin mod gta san andreas "

  13. bikinin\pesan mod ashley untuk gta iv

  14. Why the Chris skin is have only hair color pls fix and i really need help

    1. if i have the Chris RAW/original model maybe i able to fix it, not promise. This is old mod ....i lost some original models (before converted to GTA SA)


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