Sasuke New Outfit
rig by Yuniwii

This is the recent Sasuke outfit in manga and anime.This outfit appear after Sasuke encountered and battled Itachi. He reverted to a grey high-collared short-sleeved shirt similar in appearance to the blue shirt he commonly wore in Part I (Naruto series), with a zipper usually down to mid-chest. He also wears blue wrist warmers.  Another noticeable trait is that, along with this new outfit, Sasuke began letting his hair hang over his forehead. The Uchiha crest on the back of his outfit has returned to its original size since his battle with Itachi.
Updated : July 12, 2013
adding EMS Sasuke outfit
link download 
password : yuniwii

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  1. kalo ada waktu.. mampir ke sini ya.. ini forumnya gta indo..

    emang sih, masih forum gratisan,, tapi kalo kedepannya, banyak pengunjung, dan ramai, saya akan membeli domain, agar forum itu ita ngegantung,

    oh ya.. jangan lupa share ke teman teman yang lain ya.!

    terimakasih :)

  2. Thank Yuniwii.This skin was what I wanted most :D

  3. Hmm.. Its a very great mod....i know you not have so much time for rigg mods, but i gonna ask just one more mod if you have the time or the the desire to rigg Saix.

  4. great yuniwii! this is my fav outfit of sasuke :D
    can you post sasori skin too?

  5. Wow, all your skins are great :) If you have any time, could you possibly do one of Orochimaru, Tsunade or Raikage :) Thanks anyway for all your wonderful mods