Female Peds TBOGT to GTA San Andreas

I tried using the latest version of the OpenIV to get character from GTA IV the Ballad of  Gay Tony. It is easier for the character who did not have a variation of the models. But it’s rather difficult for the character that has several variations of models and textures such as the pedestrian.
Spark IV seems to be easier for this.
1. f_y_asianclub01 (rig by yuniwii)

Download link

2. f_y_hostess (rig by yuniwii)
Download link

3. Daisy (rig by Yuniwii)

This character of the Ballad of Gay Tony, who met players (Luis Lopez) in Maisonette 9 night clubs. In a mission to prevent leaking of a sex tape with Chris Hunt. But it finally too late.
Download link 

4. F_y_hotchick03 (rig by yuniwii)

Download link

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