Valerie from Farcry in GTA San Andreas
rig by Yuniwii

Since this month, i change my sharing activities (mostly mod) just to archiving my files on the net and to give variety of contents in my websites. If you want to download, you can download them. If not, just ignore them. There are no restriction, except the law in my country, Indonesia. Old games, new games, conversion from mod game, it’s already created by other modder or not,  will be uploaded as long as do not give me problems and off course if i want to put the mod like that as collection in my websites.

At least, i hope the change can help me to keep posting in my websites, when my other activities giving difficulties for me to making a new fresh mod, since i still have some stock mods that created since 2006. Like Valerie from Farcry, below.

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