I already put my mods from GTA Vice City to my main site; gombolori.net. Began with Sasuke Uchiha. Off course, the download count lower than GTA San Andreas :D. But, this is not my concern. Since, i only want to mod whatever that i want. Eventhough, the most because affected by some request too. I will try to mod other game too if possible, like GTA IV (still need better tool for pedestrian rigging) or Garry's mod (It's still too complicated for me). As a blogger, this is maybe good too, to add different content for my sites.

 I just use this site as a backup, and write some mods that already written in here, like Naruto from GTA San Andreas mod, anime mod (not always), Silent Hill, etc.Since; It's hard for me, to running more than one site when my real life do not give more free time to do that. And i choose to focus in one site which owned by me 100%. I mean; eventhough my account got suspended, i still able to move my own site to other host, like some months ago. The same thing won't happen with my dot com site, that previously gone or inaccesible, since i am not the 100% owner of that site. Blogspot and Wordpress too. I am not the full owner, since i depend with them as free site. Eventhough, actually blogspot is enough if i just want to put my mods about GTA.

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