Konohamaru in GTA San Andreas

Konohamaru skin for GTA San Andreas
type mod : character conversion
from game : Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
convert by : Yuniwii

link password : gombolori.net

"this is just back up for some Naruto mods that already posted by me in gombolori"


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  1. I yuniwii, I'm Loriscangini.
    I have a request for you, I noticed that you can extract models from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, can you give me some of the files from where you extract your models?
    I know that there should be .xfbin files, can you give me that files from the game?

  2. hi Loris,
    I suggest you rip the models from PS3 game by yourself, so you will know which files can be used for your Naruto mod. It's too much and too huge and not all models readable. Maps models -for example- almost not possible, except you manually rip them using hex editor.

  3. I know it's better if I rip models by me, but I don't have a naruto ultimate ninja cd and I can't download an ISO because my internet connection is very slow, so I asked you if you can give me only the necessary files.
    Please, can you give me that files?

  4. I forgot to say that I'm intrested only in characters models, if you can give me some of the files containing the characters, I'll be grateful to you.

  5. I promise that this is the last message for today!!
    If you can, simply pack all the .xfbin files (if possible only the characters ) in an archive and give me a link.

    Thanks again.

  6. No, i can't, i only have 10 kbps for uploading. It's too big for me. But if you wanna try i can give Konan and Sennin Naruto in here
    password : yuniwii
    my sugestion; still same, i think your Internet connection better than mine in Indonesia. And rip the models by yourself always better so you know the real issues with the models. I will prefer WII format than xbox360/ps3 since it's more difficult to get correct model

  7. Thanks for the 2 models, I'll try to download an iso and rip models by me.

  8. The last question, can you give me also the 6 path of pein?
    After that I won't ask you anything.

  9. I believe you will able to get them if you got the ISO :D
    To be honest only 2 models readable and it's already converted. The others seem mixed together in single mesh

  10. yuniwii you need mold the sasuke from naruto road to ninja . Pleaase i neeeeed :D

  11. om yuniwii bleh request BRUNO MARS gk???