School Girl Duke Nukem 
rig by Yuniwii

I already post this in That site change, now i use paid hosting services and it's have abiliy to store files and direct download like some GTA websites can.  The limitation only in size of files (around 100 mb and 8 mb via wordpress) with unlimited space and bandwidth. Off course, it's cost some dollars, not free.
It's the theory. I even still wonder why i did that :D
Based my experiences; every self hosted website, can down, got problems or disappear forever if suspended because unable to paid the cost or suspended by the host with their reason. I already got suspended more than ten times when try free hosting site :D 
There are no solution except made back up sites. And this is the purposes of this blog.I will treat this blog like different site that not related each other with my main site. It's mean, the link and articles will be different or added different links. So, if my site dead or down sometime my mods still accessible via my other links. I suggest you download via my main site, instead using my back up links.

 Credits : HaCKer_UTD

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