Fixing the Blogs 2012 Edition

Now, my testing map mods for GTA finally over, and the last effort --> i decide to put in Yeah, the last -- today-  i test GTA San Andreas map and decide to resize Naruto world about 70 % smaller to fit GTA SA boundary. All garbages like trees and fake buildings removed to re- modding a new one. The summary :
GTA San Andreas is the most difficult for  creating total conversion map, since ID (in IDE limited around 19999), boundary, size and pathfinding limited too. The map system need IPL binary later, if the mods growing or it will become troublesome to load.

GTA San Andreas

It's ok in GTA Vice City, since the boundary already hacked. The limitation only in ID (about 30.000), size of files, and in pathfinding system. But you will able to put the biggest map in here (without ped).

 GTA Vice City

And it's easiest in GTA 4, no ID, big files more acceptable. But maybe the boundary limited. And the pathfinding still need work or unknown.


I think parallel modding is the best choice, cause 3d files easy to be converted each other. But off course, i have scale priority based the possibility. If failed i will abandon it for a while; or and move to other.

But after this test; i realize why bother testing some mods to decide  which is the most possible, but i forgot the similar cases about my blogs. Among my blogs ; which is the most possible, easy to use, give a less disadvantage -since hope good advantage is really hard  for GTA blog - and suit what i need in my blogging activities. I think free blog like this is more enough for GTA modding. I can store files in other hosts like mediafire, dropbox or imageshack -for images- to anticipate if my account got limited.
And i will use my other sites for something more  global than GTA -eventhough it's still full of GTA :D .
It's time to fixing my blogs ; eventhough i know i need to do that slowly.

About mods; for improving the quality, the continuation of the mod, the better result; i believe -especially for conversion mods - you do not need permission at all to edit, write or sharing / distribute other people mods as long as  the credit mentioned or included. Softpedia and other big GTA sites did. Since the owner is developer of the game not modder. But do with your own risk. For scratch made mods it's depend the author/modder who allow that or not. Since they are the real owner.
Several modder including me, will be more happy if you just write original link and mentioning the credit ; so the mood for continuing the similar mods not dropped. 
But it's not really big problem for me, since i know most of my mod just conversion and i have free will to share or keep my mods forever if i only got bad result. Well, i already upload some other modder mods too and fix them if necessary and probably i will use this blog for that purposes, like in previous GTAIndonesia (in Wordpress).It's hard doing that in gombolori, because some financial problems to keep that sites alive. In blogspot i think it can life more long; as long as Bblogspot still a good guy and nothing drastic happen.

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