GTA San Andreas Star Wars Mod

Army, Droids and Robots

 Updated 22-09-2016 :
- add Stormtroopers Star Wars Episode 7

Updated 28-05-2016
This post will be used to put several armies models and droids (robot) mod from Starwars (porting/conversion)  to GTA San Andreas.


Stormtroopers StarWars Episode VII
this mod ported from Jedi Academy mod

v 22-09-2016 convert : Yuniwii

Dark Troopers

Scout Troopers

download Scout Troopers and Dark troopers
Updated 21-05-2016
added StromTrooper and ShockTrooper

StormTrooper from Star Wars Battlefront

ShockTrooper from StarWars battlefront

normal map support, some bugs fixed

Updated 19 Dec 2013

Captain Rex from Clone wars Adventure

fixed version

v19-12-2013 download

mirrored as alternative :D

mirrored version
v 14-12-2013 (the model mirrored) already fixed in different link above


Star Wars Republic Commando Armies / Robot / Droids

"ignore the name of the models in pack :D, 

i add bfront name; they are actually from Republic Commando"

Model  pack 1 (4 models)

normal map support 



Model  2 (delta squad)

this model  not support normal map


Star Wars Clone Wars Adventure Droids

Battle Droids and Commando Droids

This mods gone from my website after i moved to different server. So, i reconvert that mods again. I think now it's better (normal map added).

To be continued

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  1. If you want to continue to convert models of star wars I recommend this website I found, has many good models here:

  2. Yuniwii u like star wars clone wars TV show? then surely going to like these models found XD, u can convert the cap. Rex, or some models of this pack? are of good quality, I even convert them, but I'm not smart enough: D

    1. I'm not Yuniwii but can answer you one thing, I love star wars clone wars TV show! are good models, Obi Wan and Anakin are with exellent quality, captain rex is my favorite clone too! XD

    2. To be honest, i only playing and finished star wars KOTOR 1 and 2 ... (but i like these games very much) and only watching Star Wars old movies :D
      If i have opportunity i will try to get and watch clone wars TV show on the net.
      Captain Rex done ... but the model mirrored, will uploaded soon

  3. Yuniwii, check this out! u can convert any?

    are many, I know. but when you have some time, convert any, please.

    1. some of them already done and i put in here