Ressha Sentai ToQger


GTA SA Super Sentai Ped skin

These models ripped from Super Sentai Legend Wars Android version, by me.

Pack ToQger 1 (peds and weapons)
This pack contain 6 models peds  (8 models in totals) and 9 weapons:

-6 ToQgers member :
ToQ 1gou [Red]
ToQ 2gou [Blue]
ToQ 3gou [Yellow] = 2 varians (normal + small)
ToQ 4gou [Green]
ToQ 5gou [Pink] = 2 varians (normal + small)
ToQ 6gou [Orange]

Weapons :
micro_uzi = ToQ Blaster Gun Mode
gun_cane = ToQ Blaster Sword Mode
katana = Rail Slasher (ToQ 1gou's weapon)
colt45 = Home Trigger (ToQ 2gou's weapon)
nitestick = Shingou Hammer (ToQ 3gou's weapon)
bat = Tunnel Ax (ToQ 4gou's weapon)
brassknuckle = Tekkyou Claw (ToQ 5gou's weapon)
gun_dildo1= Yudo Breaker (ToQ 6gou's weapon)
rocketla (rocket launcher) = Renketsu Bazooka

ss1 (with normal map)

without normal map

convert : Yuniwii (download) 


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