GTA 5 to GTA San Andreas


"will continued or discontinued depend GTA V will exist and modable in PC or not" 
Well, after no sign about GTA V PC (till i write this) -- eventhough maybe possible somewhen; and some GTA V porting mods closed, i think;
i will try to do it by myself  :D
Just for testing .... since porting GTA V to other GTA as it is; 100% confirmed ; impossible.
For some areas or some buildings maybe ok, but for all areas; it will be  difficult; because GTA SA/IV engine limitation.
Here some screenshots that i did recently. Some textures for building missing (for GTA SA). But Trevor shirtless now, ok to download.

Amanda de Santa

download 06-03-2014

Trevor Shirtless

v 12-02-2014 
- (unlocked txd :D, in case you want to use for mobile modding. Need txdf*cker maybe) .


Bike Chick

download 24-01-2014 convert : Yuniwii


Hooker 1

This model actually has several various bodyparts and textures, but i only convert one as test.

download 23-01-2014 convert : Yuniwii

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