Dead or Alive 5 


GTA San Andreas Ped skin
"I think around 70-80% of my mods dead now; for several reasons. Megaupload seized by FBI, my websites closed/suspended, my account (in some hosting files sites -including one in dropbox), recently inactive or suspended;  or some of them just deleted because time expired or no one download it again.

I'm trying to slowly fix them. I believe some of them still on my HD (DVD back up), including this one. At this time; doing request mod not my priority at all. I am probably active (online only on my sites too -gtaindonesia and gombolori) for this purposes.

I am glad; if you report some dead link or some mods that already gone in my site."

Dead or Alive 5 Ayane

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  1. Your dropbox has been disabled, so I can't download some of the mods, please fix it, thanks~~

  2. one of them is the DOA Kasumi...

  3. Another is the momiji ninja gaiden on , sorry for posting so much posts...

    1. I try reupload them again slowly, ...i think already fixed.

  4. Gan, cara biar texture rambut yg pakai alpha nggak ada bugnya gimana ya? Padahal texture yg pake alpha udah dikebawahin sama dicompress DXT3 di TXD Workshop. Apa materialnya perlu di edit lagi di 3DS Max? Thanks.

    1. Barangkali bisa dicoba pakai format DXT5, gan.
      Aku belum pernah nyoba buat rambut, tapi hasilnya lebih bagus (dibanding DXT3) saat dipakai di model ini
      Aku buatnya pakai tool GTA IV (open IV) format wtd -> dikonvert ke txd pakai toolnya _DK (wtd2txd).
      Atau agan buat diphotoshop (perlu dds plugin) simpan ke format dds (dxt5), dan dimasukkan ke txd pakai tool dds2txd buatan DK juga.
      cuma yg ini aku belum nyoba ....


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