Android 17 in GTA IV

GTA 4 Dragon Ball Mod

Android 17
conversion : by Yuni Widayanto
from Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2
"finally done"

09092013 :
- This only single mesh ped.
- No facial animation (maybe in the future)

How to install :
Use OpenIV

1. For Ped replacement (for m_y_prison) or any ped which have 3 body parts (lowr, uppr and head).

a. simply add m_y_prison (wdd,wtd. wft) files from folder ped in this archive to componentspeds.img with openIV.
Rebuild if needed

2. For Addon
a. edit your peds.ide in folder Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data and give write or paste  this line after M_Y_Tourist_02 line:

android17, null, CIVMALE, move_m@generic, GESTURES@MALE,        GESTURES@M_PHONE,    FACIALS@M_LO,        visemes@m_lo,        0,         move_m@generic,     null,            -1,-1,        PED_TYPE_PLAYER,    VLAD_PVG,    VOICE_PLY_CR


b. put android17 (wdd, wtd, wft) files to componentspeds.img (or your custom img) with Open IV
Rebuild if needed

c. Play the game and spawn it by using SNT (simple Native Trainer)
press F3 - model spawn - ModelspawnMenu12 - Spawn Ped By Model Name
and type android17
it should spawned and replaced your player if you follow the step.

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  1. Can I get another link or can you mail me this model?


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