Chitoge Kirisaki vs Sakura Haruno

update : 16-09-2014 Released Chitoge GTA IV

My idea about 'global GTA mods categories" changed, just recently. It's maybe only work in this blog as my back up for gombolori ... But for gombolori site, i think i won't doing this.
The idea actually just simple :
- I do mod and posting them in one post. Sometime for GTA III, VC, SA, IV and continue next in new GTA. Or maybe just for SA only, or IV only ... but if i want continuing them i will do that in the same post.
- By default -my mods will goes to RAGE engine (GTA IV as recent GTA and the next GTA if i able to mod them), but possible too for other GTA if necessary. Well, in the end i think modder will doing mod based he/she like. Including, if they like do request mods they will do. But, i am not really have interest in it, at the moment.

BTW, This is my result doing animation mod for GTA IV  some days ago. The backflip  kick still failed, no idea why it only work for player. 

This GTA IV Chitoge version, ported by me (still no link), from GTA SA Chitoge mod by Strider.

GTA IV Chitoge Kirisaki download

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  1. Hey man, can you please make these for GTA SA?

    Thanks! ��

    1. The models not in T-pose, very difficult to convert ....

  2. Oh, ok. Never mind. So can you convert the models from the new 3DS TMNT game? I can't find the models anywhere but maybe you can? Thanks!

    This is the game btw:


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