GTA IV - GTA SA Monster Inves

update : 12 Sept 2014, adding 12 inves for GTA SA

Inves (4 various size) 

convert : yuniwii download link
note : this mod has some bugs (probably). 
I put nomal map textures, but i don't know it compatible or not. 

I only able to add weapon for Gaim on GTA IV at the moment (for testing GTA IV hack and slash mod by Bob Lester). But i think some monster like Inves which i rig recently can be shared too ....eventhough it still can be improved. 

The Inves (インベス Inbesu) are a race of monsters who act as the secondary antagonists, led by the Over Lord Inves, the main antagonists of Kamen Rider Gaim. 

Please use my link instead, in case this mod will be updated in the future ....

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  1. gan ane mau ngasi tau kalo link yang ryugen budou udh di reupload sama vn-zooom ni linknya :

  2. I have the author's name

  3. gan share invess nya ke san andreas dung

  4. gan ngomong ngomong agan ganti skin gta 4 pakai apaan simple native trainer atau yang lain kalau ada yg bisa kasi tau ya selain simple native trainer

    1. ane seringnya pakai simple native trainer, gan.
      Alternatif yang lain Clothes Combination


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