I revive this blog again. Trying to move some articles to http://gombolori.com.   That website hosting on server located in Indonesia, so it's more easy for Indonesian to access it. I and some friends of mine, will try to fill it with some articles in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). 
Gombolori.net as my main website, still the main place to put my new mods. Just only my mods. It is my desire to make a personal website that holds only the works of mine.
gtaindonesia.wordpress.com, I make it back to the specific blog about GTA. Because now ,I have two new websites with varying contents, at gombolori. I will writing some articles about GTA in that blog with two languages, Bahasa Indonesia and English. That blog good for discussion, using Wordpress 3.0 with Inove theme, and already full of comments with various languages. So i'll let it like that ... even though no one will comment again.
And this blog, my first and my lovely blog, I will use it to write all about GTA, based on what i want to write, and what i want to mod. It almost abandoned, because i was not familiar with blogspot. It's different now,  my experiences increase after almost a years. Time to fulfilling this blog again, and left wordpress and gombolori for a while.

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