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GTA San Andreas Ped skin

"I decide to continue until 2016 (already paid the domain bill) ... So, at the moment i put some mods in that my main site too. And ... I need to fix some problems in that site, especially some broken links. But, I still using GTAIndonesia as back up and using it to put some article/mod about GTA.

Btw, this is my mod that already done today.
Just one ... others maybe later (if any and finished)

Brad from DOA 5
costum 1

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    1. tulis aja, gan. / Just write if you want, gan :D

      Ane nggak buka request mod, krn belum tentu bisa.
      Bisanya kebanyakan dari model 3D yg sudah ada di berbagai situs dan bisa dikonvert.
      Andai bisa ok, Tapi kalau tak bisa brgkali berguna bagi modder lain yg kebetulan mampir disini dan membaca requestnya.


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