Kamen Rider Zolda GTA mod
(rig by Yuniwii)

Kamen Rider Zolda (仮面ライダーゾルダ, Kamen Raidā Zoruda)  is a fictional character in the tokusatsu  production Kamen Rider Ryuki. He is the fourth of the 13 Kamen Riders the story revolves around. His true identity is Kitaoka Shuichi and is played by Ryouhei. His name is derived from the German, French or Russian word, "soldat(Солдат)" meaning "soldier" or "mercenary". Zolda adapted as Torque in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series.

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  1. Please make Dark Kiva. please!!!!!

  2. Please make kamen rider dark kiva.please!!!

  3. nice waiting for kamen rider knight