GTA IV Batman


This is first attempt to port some Batman model to GTA IV.
Work with GTA IV and GTA IV EFLC.
The mod still WIP (work in progress), but some of them already done, so i put them as backup for myself or can be used by you (if u want :D)
I have plan to put several Batman varians models in single GTA 4 ped mod, since the game possible for this purposes. But it too dificult, (the file getting too big and took time), so i released them partially at the moment

Batman Arkham Origins iOS version for GTA IV/EFLC

2 varians in this pack, you can switch belt and other Batman body parts using simple trainer (clothes menu)
-hand and facial partially rigged

facial ok but the model do not have good teeth and tongue, so it look like this 

other screenshot

link v 31-10-2013

to be continued if i got more progress ...

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  1. You can also use this one:

    xnalara converted model of the PC version Arkham Origins Batman

    Can you convert for player model also aside from ped. Thanks.

  2. Hi. Nice work. Good Skins.
    if you need new player-models, I am send you new skins...