GTA Indonesia 

Bima Satria Garuda

GTA 5  and GTA SA Bima Satria Garuda

GTA V Bima Satria Garuda 
01 -02 April 2017 
update 02/04 add Bima X Storm Mode and Earth Mode 
using enviroment, reflection material

Bima X-Flame Mode

Bima X- Earth Mode

GTA V Bima X convert : Yuniwii (download) 

How to install (google it)


Bima-X GTA San Andreas series
Post diupdate (13-15/06-2016) untuk memperbaiki link dari Topeng Besi dan menambah character 

Berikut mod-mod lama yang sempat kubuat di tahun 2015, ku upload dari back up yang masih ada. Belum bisa memfix jika ada bugs saat ini.

Bima X Storm Mode


Iron Mask / Topeng Besi

Topeng Besi / Iron Mask rig by Yuniwii. Models belong to BandaiNamco, ent.


old post tentang mods Progress dari GTA Indonesia SE (Satria Edition). Tak DiLanjut sampai waktu yang tak diketahui.

01-05-2016 Membuat path jalan sebelah kiri (dengan map GTA SA) tak dilanjutkan sehabis PC rusak. Kalau memungkinkan dibuat untuk Total Conversion saja
Membuat / convert vegetation (pepohonan) sendiri, kemungkinan besar di pindah lokasinya sekalian (ipl editing).

Carica Papaya


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  1. Update Dong Please Skin Satria Series, sekalian senjatanya juga di bikin. Maaf kebanyakan minta

  2. dah nyampe mana project satrianya?

  3. project satria-nya sementara di pause (krn ndak sempat dan sudah bubar serinya)

  4. yang mmd kamen rider/super sentai/bimanya gak pernah di share setauku

    1. Perasaan para rider sudah semua nya...tinggal necrom di seri ghost yang belum...karena di film nya juga lum muncul...

  5. Good work this really hard work!
    Please do Stormtrooper and Shock trooper from battlefront

  6. Gan Konvert skin in donk

  7. Ku convert yang sempat gan.
    Some request done, eventhough i am not focus in request mod and still try to fix my sites

  8. Good work friend
    Please do Anakin Skywalker from Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

    1. not possible, several textures missing

  9. Months ago i asked if you could make those weapons pack
    The answer you gave was that you would make those if you had time but its been months and nothing.
    BTW those skins look really good

    1. i never said that. which comment ?
      Blogger have all comments listed. Did you comment as Kirino Kousaka when ask the request
      i only reply about ENB.
      About that requests, i will do if i port Megaman skin to GTA V even thogh i know the weapon request for GTA SA.

    2. now, i remember :D
      i reply that ro Optimus Prime and Kirino Kousaka. I will do that if i have Megaman project mod later

  10. Tenya Iida Boku no Hero Academia. The 3d model is in the game My Hero Academy: Battle for All <3
    I need to play in the world on boku no hero.. If you want to put other characters in this world. <3 Thanks

    1. i don't know how to get the models from Nintendo DS.

  11. could you make this model there is no rush i can wait.

    1. if i have opportunity.
      There are some mods that i need to do first.
      Attack on Titan for GTA V (WIP Since two days ago but still not done )

  12. A reshade setup for gta sa it was specially made for people that use anime chars the problem is that it doesn't work with normalmap it will crash the game but still looks really good.
    I made this setup for people like me so you should try it it hasn't been allowed on any site for unknown reasons maybe you can try to get a look similar to gta V on gta sa with this if you modify it enough.
    The screenshots look awesome so for people that has sites this will give you a plus.

    1. Thanks Tabris. It really nice. And DK's normal map actually work if you remove ped_spec.asi. It actually the same type of normal map plugin by Junior_Djjr, so using them both not compatible.

  13. The normal mapping is made by ryosuke, junior said he made a fix but since he wont reveal what fix was i wont use the one he posted,ped spec is setup for anime chars so is kinda needed this is why i said it doesnt work with normal map by dk which is weird because dk22 made the ped spec and the normal map well i don't mind the ped spec is to give peds specular lighting like in gta sa mobile.
    Well forgot to mention that it doens't work with enb but is not a need unless you use something that doesnt come with that version but it comes in 3.0 i have another setup made for anime chars hope you enjoy it and if you want to post it on your site no problem

    1. I maybe write about this in some article about normal map and ped spec (if not forgot)> Thanks again.

  14. gan azzael dri bima x game pls om...


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