GTA IV Usopp

from One Piece


Usopp ( (ウソップ Usoppu) skin for GTA IV Ped.

About :
He is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, and the former Captain of the Usopp Pirates. When Usopp was first introduced, he was often (comically) labeled as the "Liar" of the Straw Hat Pirates, due to the "Uso" (うそ) in his name meaning "lie" or "falsehood"

 I convert and use this skin for m_y_bowl_01 (bowling guy) replacement. But it can used too for other peds. Fit too for female peds, since it used ig_marnie (female character) bones.

ss 2
 Usopp as bowling guy

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  1. I make a video with your ped: