GTA 4 Niko Ped

and Cutscenes Problems

I convert Niko player model to GTA IV ped because i curious it will work or not in cutscenes ...?. And now, i am sure GTA IV ped won't work in cutscenes or some animation (mission). Because it using different format ; wdd not wdr. 
This Niko ped still crashing in cutscenes, eventhough it rigged with some bones, has the same bodyparts  and i put the wdd, wtd, wft,wbs files in both componentsped.img and playerped.rpf.
But ....  i think this Niko ped still useful if you want to spawn several Niko clones like this pictures.

This version using Niko (player.wft) and facial animation won't work for PED

so i put the link in here as test : 
download Niko ped (not compatible with Cutscenes)
NOTE : This version using Niko (player.wft) and facial animation won't work for PED

Recommended Download (IG_Niko from EFLC)
NOTE : This is Niko ped version which using wft (from) ped and facial animation working good. 

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