Toshiro Hijikata in GTA
rig by Yuniwii

I rip the model, Hijikata, from Gintama game for WII recently. And i put in this site too, since it's already ok. Some bugs fixed.I add his sword, in v1.1.

v1.1 Oct 18, 2011 (click "skip" in top right corner to download after you click this link)

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  1. You have taken the trouble to download the game, take the model and convert ...
    Just for me? You are the best, EVER, EVER. You'd pay, really. You're the best I've ever known, not only because you are a great modders, but also because you're close with your fans.
    Thanks Yuniwii, thanks. That's why I consider you a pro man.

  2. Gan Yuniwii Kapan Release Hide Leopard. dan D-Foxnya Di Gta Ku Dah Nunggu .n Nih. gan Sekalian Request Character Naruto Shippude : Pain Yang Di Gerakin sama Nagato. Dan Konan Asistenya Nagato

  3. Pb char kayaknya bulan depan, kalo mau dishare
    skg lagi refreshing ngemod mod lain ...