Killer A in GTA
rig by Yuniwii

The model converted from Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special by me, some month ago. But i lost the first rig, so i rerig again and put in here too. This is Fourth Raikage, A, from Kumogakure.

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  1. very nice , Yuniwii :D
    as always you do perfect
    Thank a lot

  2. Replies
    1. gan cara convert dari game lain ke gta sa gimana sih ? :(

    2. tergantung gamenya gan, kalau ada tool yg bisa mengekport game tsbt ke format 3d,( spt obj,3ds dan lainnya) yg bisa dibaca 3ds max , bisa kok di export lagi ke format lain (game lain) selama ada juga script/plugin importer-exporternya di 3dsmax, spt GTA San Andreas format modelnya dff, pakainya Kam's script.

  3. hey yuniwii thank you for doing this,i found a program that rips the models from kh bbs and the fm edition.Here it is,hope it helps you

  4. You rule man :3
    Is there a Nagato skin too? o.o

  5. rip dari game psp susah nggak sih? pengin nyoba caranya gimana ya?

  6. Om Yuniwii, ada skin tendou pein yg bagus ga?

  7. @JoSam Ndak ada skin Pein Tendou yg bagus, krn umumnya buatan sendiri atau modifikasi, krn tidak ada Pein dari game, yg bisa dirip.

    @Utama Shop Susah. Tdk semua game PSP bisa dirip, hanya dari game-game yg formatnya bisa dibaca atau ada toolnya

    @Zekro94 thanks. Especially for BBS

    @Nagato I don't have Nagato, Nagato

    and sorry for late reply

  8. Glad that you liked,I know it might be to much to ask but can you do a tutorial on how to make skins for gta san andreas?I want to learn but searching in google is useless.