I change this template of this blog, after found some nice template converted from wordpress template that i use in gombolori.net. Too bad, the sliders feature not work. 
And at the moment, my modding activities changed. I touch GTA IV modding, since the one that i waiting for so long, " support for pedestrian mod" finally fulfilled by Open IV and GIMS. But, the truth, it's more complicated. Since GTA IV only support one texture for one mesh. Its mean, the UVW need to be edited. My first attempt, (for testing) failed since i choose the difficult model. Lightning (head) from Final Fantasy XIII. Off course, the material messed up, since i did't change anything. The problems, the tools for add/replace GTA IV mod still not simple like GTA San Andreas. So at the moment, i still touch GTA San Andreas too.
Edit : Finally i moved from Lightning to Naruto, because curious the cel shading work or not in Rage engine. This time success, eventhough still need fixing. Like in picture below.
 Naruto (my first ped mod for GTA IV)

Lightning Fail

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