Death Stroke

Deathstroke ped skin for GTA San Andreas

"Character superhero from DC Comics"

Real name : Slade Wilson


Having been hunted by Superman’s regime, Deathstroke has put aside his mercenary lifestyle and joined Batman’s Insurgents. His only goal is to pay back the pain caused to him by the One Earthers.

Deathstroke Insurgency from Injustice Gods Among Us (convert : Yuniwi - 2108013)


The world of Flashpoint is one torn apart by the Amazon/Atlantean war. It's there the modern-day pirate Deathstroke sails the Ravager on a merciless quest to find the last hope of redemption, his daughter Rose.

Deathstroke Flashpoint from Injustice Gods Among Us  (convert : Yuniwi - 19082013)

to be continued ....

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