GTA IV & GTA San Andreas 

Kamen Rider Arc

GTA 4-EFLC Kamen Rider Arc

from KR Battride War 2

convert : yuniwii 


download GTA 4 Kamen Rider Arc

note : Only normal size possible for GTA IV mod at the  moment


GTA San Andreas Kamen Rider Arc

from KR Battride War 2

convert : yuniwii


I waste a lot of time; tried several tools; including Renderware SDK 3.7, but most of them end up failed ... and just add experiences only.

But this time (no doubt) I wrote "Do not re-upload my mods .. maybe it will re-updated again in the future ".

"Well, some reasons : All exporter (plugins/script) for almost game modding; including GTA (3, VC, SA, IV, maybe: V), Skyrim, Garry Mod, etc ... most of them just from 3rd parties tools. Not officially from Game Developer/Publisher: like Rockstar or Bethesda. It mean, the result won't have the same result like Developer's did. And  will dynamically updated if some programmers still working and learn something new to implemented in the tools. 
So, if i have interest using new features from some tools/plugins or just want to improve my mods, i will re-update my files. "
Off course, there are other reasons too... But enough chit chat :D This below the download link.

GTA SA Kamen Rider Arc link

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  1. Thanks Friend For Converts this model is also possible to convert the Apollo Geist

    1. I think i have the model
      so, i hope it will possible later

  2. Boleh nggak ane request mod anime :)

    1. anime apaan gan ?
      Ane kebanyakan cuma konvert dari game /ada modelnya


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