Love Live! School Idol Project

Umi Sonoda / (園田海未 )


GTA SA Ped skin

Sonoda Umi is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is a second year in Otonokizaka High School. Her main color is dark blue. She is the leader of lily white, a sub-unit under µ's. Her solo album is called Umiiro Shoujo ni Miserarete (海色少女に魅せられて The Enchanted Ocean-Colored Maiden).

This model from Love Live School Idol Festival PS Vita.

School Outfit
Two models provided in this archive. It the same models, i only use sub divide modifier and smooth Umi's  face, but it not really have big differences.

download convert : Yuniwii 
v17-03-2017 (her birthday in March 15 though, ... i

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  1. Good work!
    Please do Ash and Evil Ash from Evil Dead Regeneration
    This is Ash's ss:
    This is Evil Ash's ss:
    This is model link:!5xgSAC5D!nMI4ZD4oPgCnL98GGXoSsqJ9XEvbQMPuIRjomUW7P0U

  2. Dibuat pack aja kalau bisa om admin biar nga ribet 1 pack isi 9 skin lgsg kalau boleh

    1. itu direlease per character krn model lainnya belum tentu bisa dirip, gan.
      Tak ada script atau tool khusus untuk Love Live... saat ini.
      Aku cuma trial dan error pakai Hex2Obj.

    2. Oo ok um seadanya model aja kalau bisa