Gundam MS-06 Zaku II

GTA San Andreas Ped Skin

The MS-06 Zaku II (ザク II) is a line of mobile suits first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam and since then has been features in several other works set in the Universal Century timeline. 

Gundam MS-06S Zaku II

This mod ported from Garry's Mod Gundam mod. No idea from where the original model from.

link download convert : Yuniwii
note :  support normal map, 
4 varians  (regular and big size,).

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  1. bisa gak tanduknya dihilangkan jadi namanya ms-06f cuma yang warna hijau saja.

    1. kalau sempat dan tak error dipotong tanduknya (biasanya bolong) ...
      cuma skg belum memungkinkan ngemod sejak kemarin.


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