Squall Leonheart


(rig by Yuniwii)

Mod skg diurut berdasar data selesai, fix dan upload
update : 24-11-2017 add Squall LexaKiness
update : 01-10-2017 add Balamb Mercenary clothes
update : 26-03-2016 fix links, image missing. add Squall & Leon's head

Final Fantasy VIII was the first RPG game I play, and the main character, Squall, is one of my favourite character too. So, here the GTA San Andreas mod about him. 

Squall Leonheart (XPS to GTA SA)

GTA SA download convert : Yuniwii from Lexakiness (XPS)

Balamb Mercenary from Mobius Final Fantasy
Masih kumasukkan di post Squall, walau bajunya saja yang sama. Tapi rambutnya beda.

Balamb Mercenary download 
quick rig. Gunakan Silent Patch agar alpha rambut lebih terrender dengan benar


Squall's head (replace highafro hair)

Leon head (replace elvis hair)

version test 26032016 download add Squall's head (link still same)


1. Squall Leonhart (Main character Final Fantasy VIII)
a. Squall model converted from Squall for VC version

author Vice City version : ++ convert to GTA SA : Yuniwii

link download

b. Below the original Squall from Dissidia Final Fantasy game with his gunblade, finally success to convert to GTA San Andreas after fix the UVW coordinate.

link download SQUALL Dissidia + GUNBLADE mediafire 

c. Squall Leonhart with Seed's uniform

v1.1 link download
or here


Leon from Dissidia 012 (Squall Adult)

v1.0 Nov 27, 2011 convert : Yuniwii

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  1. Could you fix Squall in his basic suit's hands and sash...its pissing me off i'm a huge fan of Sukoru Reonhato, and his wears...could you at least tell me what you used to edit the skin? i tried Blender but that doesnt work.. :( please reply

  2. you need 3d studio max with Kam's script installed to edit the gta skin

  3. SAME ANONYMOUS OMG SO MUCH things to do lol so difficult. Could you tutor me in your ways or something...i love the skin, and the gunblade has a invisible Lionheart Wing. i have email legoknights@live.com or TheLionhearted8@yahoo.com or my facebook (recommended lol) Devin Odell Patterson, i'm the one with the orgasmic hair lol :P Squall Look A like :P please contact me for tutor or something.

  4. SAME ANONYMOUS all i want to edit is Squall's gloves, his sash and the Revolver Gunblade. btw i have a idea for you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPvs4U8xXV8 could you get this Tifa Mod of Rinoa into GTA SA? if so contact one of my emails or facebook.

  5. Hello! Do you plan on converting other dissidia/ff models into Gta San Andreas? :) Cause I found a lot of videos of a guy who extracted them (He won't provide any links or tell how, just showing off...) of the game and put them on Gta, I mean, ALL of them o_o
    And some are of course nowhere to find on the web (apart from those you did, a big thank you by the way, I'm using them right now :D), like Cecil, Kefka, Golbez, The Emperor, and all of the DLC...
    Thank you :)

  6. i have plan to convert some models, but think it hard if all of them :D

  7. Yuniwii, do you still do request mods? Because if you are,I really REALLY want skin mods from Fairy Tail. There's a game from that anime show (Fairy Tail) so I was wondering if you could convert or create your own skin mod? :D If you would like to try, please send me a message to my Facebook account or Skype if you may.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CakeLies
    Skype: mrkitty_muffins
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/R0x4s_T4k4shi

    1. i am not do request mod again, i only do random conversion for some available character like from XNAlara or 3d models .

  8. mas yuni! Link chocobo nya manaaaaaaaa ???????? pengeeeeeeeeennnnnnn !!!!!!!!! :3 pliiiiiis pliiiiiisss

    1. entar kutaruh disini kalau ketemu,(atau buat lagi) gan ....

    2. kumohoooonnnnn.... aku pengin bangeet mass T_T

  9. Gan gunblade lionheartnya manaaaaaaa???
    minta dong plzzz

  10. Hey Yuniwii can you make a head rig of Squall Long haired?

  11. makasih banyak skin baru nya mas
    jadi teringat waktu main mobius final fantasy lah
    jika ada waktu boleh gak di rig kan skin Garland nya mas
    ini model nya mas
    kebetulan jumpa di situs ini model nya mas
    sebelum nya makasih banyak ya mas :)

  12. wihhh gan kliatan nya keren tu skin nya
    kalau ada waktu bisa rig kan skin lunafreya nya gan ini link nya gan
    Makasih banyak ya gan

  13. Bang Request hero" yg ada di Mobile Legends donk, terima kasih

  14. sudah ada 2.
    Untuk request lain brgkali kali lain kalau memungkinkan...
    Masih jaga-jaga kalau PC ngambek lagi...

  15. Makasih banyak mas buat squall nya
    Mas kalo ada waktu bisa rig kan skin ini gak mas
    Nama nya Ace dari final fantasy type 0 versi high poly nya mas
    Ini link nya mas

    Makasih banyak ya mas

  16. request untuk sementara ditampung mas
    sementara lagi fokus menyelesaikan map