Rayne in GTA
rig by Yuniwii

Rayne, sometimes called Agent BloodRayne, is a fictional character in the BloodRayne series of video games. Created by Majesco Entertainment, she is the series’ titular protagonist, appearing in both games and later extended media, such as comic books and films related to the series.She has also appeared in other formats, such as an MTV music video and the first entry in Playboy’s “Gaming Grows Up” series of articles. In video games she is voiced by Laura Bailey in English, and Romi Park in Japanese. She was portrayed by Kristanna Loken in the first live action film, and by Natassia Malthe for its sequel.
Download link
This is actually my old mod (rigged in 2008). I only fix a little before upload it.

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  1. Hi
    This is file No Download
    give the new link please

  2. Hi Yuniwii.
    Give please New Link for dawnload this File.
    Downloadlink-Rayne is doesn't work.
    good luck

  3. try redownload again, i put the link in dropbox.