Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto v2.0
rig by Yuniwii

This is conversion from Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO, that have better textures than previous game.

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  1. The webpage cannot be found. This is a big problem!!

  2. Nice!!
    Hey BTW Yuniwii can u teach me to rig mods from other games?I can help u with ur requests in the blog and i can also makes mods for myself (like Gabriel Belmont that i'm looking forward)PLLLLLS!!!

  3. @Mint119 this is blogger / blogspot bug. Sometime automatically add "blogger.com /" in original link, and make the link broken because they add some space. It happen sometime, especially in last post. It's already solved, after you report this. But I can't fix this bug in the future, since it's beyond my ability. My suggestion, if you found the link broken, go to my other websites, like gombolori.com,
    and thank for your report

  4. @Lucas You can found some tutorial in gtaforum or Youtube for rigging, or from 3DS Max Tutorial.
    Also, i do not open request mod though i allow people to write the request in my websites. It's beyond my ability and any modder ability. Almost all request mod thread, for example in gtaforums, finally abandoned or locked, because the modder unable always do request mod.
    In fact, i only read all request, list them and DO WHATEVER I LIKE since it's will keep my mood to make a mod.

  5. Please,make Gatack hyper from.

  6. Oh...ok :(
    But thnx anyway for showing me where i can find tutorials